About Us:

We are a lighting company dedicated to work passionately in every detail with the purpose of reaching the goal of satisfaction on every detail along the way in choosing the best materials, as well as designs for all your lighting needs or projects. 

In Downtown Lighting Centre we are working hard dedicated to lighting, modern and contemporary residences or commercial applications, using the latest led, fluorescent or halogen lighting technology. We also provide a vast variety of light bulbs for specific design needs, were color rendering is a must.

Downtown Lighting Centre was created to satisfy the needs of architects, interior designers and lighting lovers.

Lighting and light bulbs play a key role in lighting a design the correct way.

The hospitality industry has enjoyed proper lighting for decades using architects and interior designers.

At Downtown Lighting Centre we understand the needs for proper lighting and to use the right light bulbs.

We are dedicated to lighting with assertiveness.

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